The Soundtrack

After nearly 40 years you can still buy the original soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin.

Dirty Harry - The Original Score by Lalo Schifrin

Dirty Harry - The Original Score by Lalo Schifrin


The soundtrack can be purchased from a number of retailers including Lalo Schifrin’s own website.

There are some soundclips at CD Universe.

Lalo Schifrin released the Dirty Harry Anthology in 1998. The album contains music from the original soundtracks of Dirty Harry, Magnum Force and Sudden Impact.

YouTube has Scorpio’s Theme.


Dirty Harry - original movie poster

Dirty Harry - original movie poster



3 Responses to The Soundtrack

  1. boomerd35 says:

    An awesome soundtrack. Lalo Schifrin creates a mood that absolutely makes the movie.

  2. @drownedinsound says:

    Absolutely brilliant blog!!! Without a doubt, this was the most influential movie for me when growing up and the soundtrack, especially Scorpio’s Theme was just incredible! I was fortunate enought to see Lalo Schifrin a few years ago in concert in London.

    Thanks for this!!

  3. William says:

    Movies like this make movies of today pale in comparison. There are very few that appeal to me. From TV commercials, it is mostly special effects, fires, bombs, car chases, and implausible stunts (due to CGI, I suppose). Where are great scripts and dialogue now as in Dirty Hary? I rent DVDs through the mail and many of them are classics like this one. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the sound volume in theaters rivaling a rock concert (I suppose theaters’ solution to the rude “talkers” there, rather than escort them out, as they should), and I can pause to relieve myself, get a snack, answer the phone or door, etc., without missing part of the movie. Clint is older now, but he still has it. Great website. I’ve always been interested in where films were made, but often you can’t find out. It is now in my favorites list.

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